My Internet At Home Is Terrible…

It’s impressive how many times I’ve heard this. I was standing in a line the other day, and a couple college guys were talking about how the internet in their home wasn’t good enough to do almost anything. It causes fights, they yell at their family or roommates to get off their phones, or stop watching Netflix so they can play their online game, or vice versa. I chuckle a little bit, because these kids never knew the real struggle of trying to do something through dial up in

The Art of "Techsplaining"

Just today someone I was speaking with brought up a time when they worked retail sales, and we began to reminisce and share old “war stories” of being on the front and center in a retail store. Anyone who knows me personally knows I worked retail for many years and I believe I was considered a valuable employee. I was around for a lot of changes, and even returned a short while ago to assist in training and showing some newer employees how we did things "back in the day". It'

Getting the right person for the job

This article is an opinion article. However I hope my experience in this subject matter can shine through. Over the years, I’ve met a lot of IT people, and I’ve seen a lot of IT work. A common misconception that always seems to be more prominent than others; If someone does IT, they know everything about computers. I can assure you that there are several different fields within the Information Technology realm, and they are not all connected by the same fabric. The one thing

Code 6 Tech Blog Introduction

Code 6 Technologies has been something "in the back of my mind" for about a decade. I've seen a lot of technical work, some good, some bad, but more importantly some that was exceptional. The purpose of Code 6 is helping people and businesses get the most out of their technical infrastructure, whatever it may be. The one point that I want to stand out of all is the trust you have to put into a person to work with your systems and network. The person should be one of your mos