• Dominic Rozzo

Code 6 Tech Blog Introduction

Code 6 Technologies has been something "in the back of my mind" for about a decade. I've seen a lot of technical work, some good, some bad, but more importantly some that was exceptional. The purpose of Code 6 is helping people and businesses get the most out of their technical infrastructure, whatever it may be. The one point that I want to stand out of all is the trust you have to put into a person to work with your systems and network. The person should be one of your most trustworthy people, and without a doubt the most honest.

Code 6 Technologies is dedicated to this point above all. I don't know the answers to everything, and I can assure you no one else does either. However, I can assure you that I have the knowledge to find answers, the resources to help you make your goals achievable, and the vision to give a path into the future. I wanted to start a blog dedicated to small articles, recent news, opinions, and some real life fixes to real life problems. I will touch on a lot of these topics over time. Stay tuned!

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