• Dominic Rozzo

Dodge Charger Pursuit Model Tech

Last year, I had the privilege of taking on a project with the new 2017 Dodge Charger Pursuit Cruisers. Canfield PD ordered two of these in the standard rotation to replace older high mileage cruisers in the fleet. After the order was placed, we were put in touch with the Dodge/FCA specialists who are dedicated to assisting in getting these cars up and running. There's seems to be a decent amount of changed and features with the newer model, but none of them stand out more than the 10.1 screen we can integrate with our mobile data terminal systems. Dodge has done a nice job preparing the car for this exact function. but layout, and the selection of tech is everything. I worked hand in hand with the Dodge/FCA specialists and even came up with some additional troubleshooting steps o get these cars working flawlessly. I completed a write-up on my findings for them and they hope to have some of it integrated with the current setup guides. There is a huge shout out to Hall Public Safety who exclusively up-fits Canfield's vehicles. they did a fantastic job working with us in the process. These became some of the most advanced cruisers in the state!

After some research, the decision was to go with a Desktop PC instead of a laptop mounted in the trunk tray. This gave us great performance at a decreased cost, however we had to accommodate for the lack of screen with a portable setup for diagnostics, and some additional wiring to make the PC more accessable from the locked trunk tray. Also, there was the issue of how to reboot an unresponsive system in the event it did become unresponsive. In my opinion, Power cycling the car wasn't an option, so we went with an integrated kill switch which actually doubles as a battery conservation feature. This small write up, and my findings are available if needed. Get in touch!

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